BCUC Board

The BCUC Board is the main governing body of our church. Consisting of representatives of church committees, members of the executive, and the Ministry Staff, it is responsible for the facilitation and smooth running of all of the church's ministries.

The Church Board regularly meets on the third Wednesday of each month. All Board meetings are open to guests.


Minister: Rev. Kim Vidal

Chair: Jordan Berard

Chair-elect: Vacant

Past Chair: Sue Morrison

Secretary: Norm Pound

Ministry & Personnel: Alex Culley

Financial Management: Bill Johnson

Member at Large: Will Wightman

Member at Large: Ellen Boynton

Presbytery Reps: Nicole Beaudry, Sue Morrison, Joyce Williams, Desna Sulway

Youth Adult consultation: Lorrie Lowes

Youth Consultation: Ellie Crow

The Board meets regularly every third Wednesday of the month or as required.


Committee Chairs/Contact:
Service, Outreach & Social Action – Alison Bridgewater

Pastoral & Spiritual Care – Suzanne Ogden

Stewardship/Volunteer Resources/Membership – Bill McGee

Property Management – Neville Reed/Ross Brown

Communications – Olly Chuchryk

Ministry & Personnel – Alex Culley

Financial Management – Bill Johnson 

United Church Women – Theresa Morrin

Worship/Christian Education – (acting) David Donaldson

Planning & Evaluation – vacant

Membership – Ron Prince

Events (contact) – Denis Watson-acting

Trustees – Bert Donnelly; Jan Pound

Men’s Club – Dale Jarvis/David Stafford

Fundraising (capital) – Doug MacKechnie

If you have any issues or concerns pertaining to the committees listed above, please let the chairs or contacts know. Thank you.


Important Documents and Forms

BCUC Handbook
(committee descriptions begin on page 17)

Participant Consent and Insurance Forms

Certification for Trip Leaders